Tarheel Leather Club, Inc.

Tarheel Leather Club, Inc. is a politically active, gender-inclusive, social and educational community service organization for persons over twenty-one (21) years of age who are interested in, or are actively pursuing the leather, S/M fetish lifestyle.

Our club colors (above) were designed with the following elements:

  • The Bald Eagle in flight is a symbol of freedom;
  • The symbols for Man and Woman represent inclusivity;
  • The pink triangle is for Equality;
  • The T, L & C are in red to emphasize our club motto; Tender Loving Care
  • The State of North Carolina is our home;
  • The colors of red, white, blue and black are from the Leather Pride Flag.


The Tarheel Leather Club, a Founding Member Club of the Southeast Conference of Clubs, is proud to once again be a Member Club!



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